abril 25, 2017, Author: admin1

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”

I was born in Mexico City, beautiful and enormous! I’ve always been a very outgoing and curious person. I’m a great admirer of nature and ancient cultures which has inspired me to deeply immerse into one of the most mysterious and interesting cultures of my country, the Mayan civilization.

After ten years of working as a tour guide for big corporations, I’ve learned and discovered unbelievable places and people! Thanks to that, I realized that these places are better appreciated in smaller groups and having the tour explained in only one language really transmits the magic of the place that I’m so grateful to live in.

I strongly believe on giving back as much as it has been given to us, that’s why I support local economies and responsible tourism. That´s the heart and spirit of La Mexicana.


Teresa, la Mexicana